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Part of the community since 1978.

what we believe in

The sense of community at City Gym is unique in Sydney.
To be a member of City Gym is to join our community.

City Gym was founded in 1978 as a serious gym for serious results.
We believe in a training and fitness environment where guidance and support
from highly experienced industry professionals is easily found, and readily given.
Support for your fitness journey is a hallmark of the City Gym experience.

For over three decades, City Gym has been an integral part of the community
of Darlinghurst and East Sydney. The diversity of our community reflects the
diversity and urban nature of where we are located. City Gym was founded on
the basis of respect for the individual, tolerance and respect and celebration of
our amazing community. We heart East Sydney.

We believe in offering the best equipment to help you achieve your very best results.
We believe in the service and support we offer our members. We’re proud of our community,
our heritage, our story and our member’s achievements. There’s a place here for you.
This is your gym in the City.

"City Gym is a gym like no other. The staff are always friendly and willing to have a laugh or even provide a hug to brighten up your day (thanks Rania!). The protein smoothies and shakes are just great.. and the people that train at the gym are attitude free - they just come in and train hard - and there's plenty of inspiration to be found. It's great to see the transformations they go through, and members are willing to strike up a conversation and share their experience. All the personal trainers at City Gym have this same caring attribute... a genuine desire for their clients to achieve the goals which they set themselves. 

And I love the transparency in membership fees. No intimidating interviews and pushy sales pitch - the fees are right there in front of you and prior to joining I was given a tour of the facilities and even allowed to have a workout to see if the equipment suited me. Great customer service from the start. Thanks City Gym!"

Member since 2010