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We love to hear from our members and their experiences at the Gym, so we decided to post the full testimonial we received from Robert Teixeira - a member since 2010.

"1) Staff - the staff are always friendly and willing to have a laugh or even  provide a hug to brighten up your day (thanks Rania). Its not your normal/staff relationship. I ride my motorcycle to gym so I have the usual helmet/jacket/etc which the staff are more than happy to look after behind the counter. And the protein smoothies and shakes from staff are great!

2) Training Facilities - The weight facilities at City Gym may appear to be old school (in that it mainly consists of free weights, squat racks and cables as opposed to weight machines) but this suits me fine. I find weight machines can be inflexible in terms of the range of exercises you can perform and in constant need of repair....this means I can plan my work out and be assured that the equipment I want to use is available. All the equipment is checked regularly during the day with the weights kept in order on the racks and the gym floor always clean. If I feel like doing some cardio there are amble cycle machines, treadmill etc so that one is always available if I need it.

3) Friendly Members - The people that train at the gym are not the "Fitness First" crowd who spend more time look at themselves in the mirror or answering their mobiles rather than training. So if the equipment you want is being used it will not be occupied for very long. The ladies and gents who train are the gym are, for the most part, attitude free....there is no agro or dirty looks to be seen or had...people come in and they train hard. That's not to say that the environment at City Gym is not a social one. Some of the best friends I have are also members of City Gym. Speaking with them always brightens my day.

4) Inspiration - there is ample inspiration at the gym in that some of the members participate in body building competitions and the like. Not only is it great to see the transformations they go through, these members are willing to strike up a conversation and share their experience with you.

5) Structured Membership Fees - I abhor gyms where they can't tell you want the month membership fee is without having an interview to assess your needs. I know what my needs are...I just want to know how much it costs to join. If you can't tell me that without an interview then I'm not interest. City Gym are clearly outlined memberships fees which did not require an interview with any of their staff. Prior to joining I was given a tour of the facilities and even allowed to have a workout to see if the equipment suited me. Great customer service from the start.

6) Personal Trainers - The personal training staff is as diverse as the clientele so your bound to find someone who suits your needs and goals. I wanted a no-nonsense trainer help me achieve my goals and push me to my limits. I found that trainer at City Gym and I have 2 grueling sessions a week with him and in addition, I have a trainer twice a week who works me very hard and has helped me achieve the goals which I have been striving for.

7) Large Clean Change Rooms - City Gym cleans the changes rooms regularly during the day. There are ample large lockers which are cheap to rent.  There are plenty of benches as well. The showers are large and numerous....not the 2 or 3 that you have at other gyms. 

All in all, everything I need from a Gym. Thanks guys!

Robert Teixeira - Member since 2010"