Growth + Happiness

City Gym trainer Jordon may be one of the younger trainers at the gym but his approach to life and training shows experience and wisdom beyond his years.

Consistency and Understanding

“My pet peeve is people thinking there is only one way of doing something, and I can say this fairly because I to have suffered from this ideology! We are dealing with the most holistic organism in the world - the human body. There is no one way to do anything.”

Jordon believes that for successful training or improving or reaching whatever your goals, you have to be clear about what you want, and start from a benchmark of practises that work for you.

“For long lasting results you need to have a paradigm that your physical manifestations are based off. Whatever your goals are, you just need to have one, so it makes everything logical and it makes sense to you. Because then you’re going to be more inspired to stick to it, which will improve your consistency and your compliance” he said.

“Then, when you can practise a skill and repeat it over and over you are better able to observe and modify as necessary and continue that process” he added.

Too much information

Jordon believes understanding what will work for different individuals is a learning process and that’s why a professional can help. A trainer can help identify useful processes, learning and modifications.

“Seeking out information particularly on line is futile. For the average person where do you start? For every theory there is a counter theory. It’s totally confusing,” he said.

Above all Jordon says that at the end of the day if you are improving, learning and growing, then you're on a pretty good path at this point in your life.

“I came to learn recently, after trying to find the “perfect program”, that it does indeed exist - but it's not necessarily to do with reps, loads, rest periods etc… If the program you are doing inspires you to go in the gym and kick some serious ass, then I'd say you've got a pretty good program! Naturally, the acute variables such as rest periods, reps, variety etc all play a part, but if you're not mentally, emotionally and spiritually invested in the moment, it won't amount to much”.

Jordon has been a personal trainer for nearly five years and has grand plans to join the burgeoning fitness industry in Fiji where he spent some of his childhood.