Worst Food Combos

There is so much information, so many methods and general fat loss practices in the news and out on social media, regarding eating fats, carbs, protein and fats etc blahh blahh.

The biggest issues in western modern society is the over-consumption of carbs combined with fats and this has played a significant role in growing obesity levels across many populations.

The main issue is that our hormones actually play the largest role in fat gain and fat loss.

Eating fats is rich in calories and plays a large role in hormone balance.  What people get wrong is when fats and carbs are mixed together especially carbs that are loaded in sugars.

When fats are eaten on its own or with a protein source in small amounts it has little effect on weight gain.  What actually makes you gain weight is insulin,  an important hormone that allows your body to use sugar for energy.


There are also three other fat storing hormones that we need to know if we are to understand how we can lose fat successfully.

1. Acylation Stimulating Protein (ASP)

While insulin is effected by carbs (ASP) is effected by fats. This is not good for those who think that by not eating fat they don’t get fat. (ASP) and insulin stimulate the secretion of each other in an indirect way. Fat does stimulate insulin and insulin stimulates a fat storing driver to (ASP).

2. Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Peptide

Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Peptide (GIP) is effected by carbs and fats. It has its own fat storing action and causes more insulin to be released more than anything and can result in fat storage very quickly.

3. Ghrelin

This is the hunger hormone. Intermittent fasting is a factor that affects this hormone. Missed meals ghrelin hormone releases a hunger message and cravings kick in for the sugary, fatty and salty foods. When you eat these food the increase of insulin is far greater than normal hence the fast fat gain. This is a big issue in our western culture and eating practices creating yo-yo dieting.